C’UFO Circulation Fan 26"

Diameter: 660mm (26")

  • Height: 160mm (6.3")
  • Total weight:5.40Kg (12lbs)
  • Material:  ABS plastic with PP plastic light cover
  • Motor:  High efficiency DC motor (53 watts Max)
  • Control:  Wireless 5-speed remote
  • Room size:  better in room up to 20'x20'
  • Lighting:  6-8W LED (Coming soon)

Speed and Sound


Fan speed RPM Watts Sound in dB
Level 1 160 6.8W 47-48
Level 2 195 11.5W 48-49
Level 3 220 17.8W 48-49
Level 4 240 27.0W 49-50
Level 5 320 53.0W 51-52
* Readings were taken directly below the fan in a room 2m above the floor.
* Baseline dB while fan was not running: 45-46.


Remote Control

Originally created by the C'UFO team.
The remote control of C'UFO is ergonomically designed for easy use and confortable holding.

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DC motor

C'UFO is powered by a highly efficient DC motor which generates strong power to rotate C'UFO with low energy consumption.
It can make life better!